Sunsets, Women and Art

Quiddity and haecceity. The first means what it is about some thing that allows us to use a word for it and the second is what it is that we experience directly regarding the same thing. You can experience some particular experiences that one’s society traditionally gathers together and labels with a word or you can experience whatever is there, willfully ignoring society’s labelings. And now you can label the labeling and non-labeling, alike. You’re welcome.

Anyway, the drawing of the backyard through the kitchen window came first. It’s my real kitchen and real backyard (all but the closest 40 ft belong to the golf course though.) It’s defined by walls and surveyors whether I’m there or not. I imagined and wrote about putting up an easel back there where I’d be painting the sunset over the trees like a real painter would.

Then I panicked, en plein air is a scary place where all the neighbors can see. I mentally rush inside but I leave the easel out there. I draw it from the safety of my kitchen. Then to be even safer I draw me drawing! This is a metaphor for the blog, art being “out there” but the artist is safe inside.

The drawing in midday light and the drawing in the drawing being a sunset was a bit of planned surrealism. But, the easel’s shadow becoming a woman’s was not. That idea just happened after I’d gone downstairs to draw the kitchen and backyard “from life.”

But, that drawing didn’t seem visually strong enough, its composition, color, etc was weak, (So why am I posting anyway?) I redrew it, throwing away the preconceived blog metaphor thing and keeping the ex nihilo woman-shadow thing. The theme of the first drawing remains social anxiety and the second becomes the anxiety of mixing up arting love and loving art.

I like sunsets. Whenever I see one, I’ll enjoy it as it happens. I’ll draw them ocassionally when they fit into an idea I have. but I never think about having one over for dinner.  Women are different from sunsets. And it always gets back to that.