To Post or Not to Post

There may or may not be a drawing at the end of this text. I did a drawing I like but I am not sure it’s all mine enough to post. Is it a copyright infringement, a theft of someone else’s intellectual property, or is it a first-amendment-protected exercise of free speech? Either way it is my comment on life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness in a 21st century America that I watch from a safe distance.

The  image my image was inspired by is of a famous golfer’s mistress  is free to be seen at magazine’s site. It is, no doubt, wholly owned by some combo of the shooter, and that magazine. And, though it is an easy cut and paste, to use it straight on (even in a collage?) would be to possibly suffer litigatory slings and arrows.

I have not done that. I, while looking at it on my computer, made a sketch on paper, scanned the sketch and in photoshop, refined it. Absolutely none of their copyrighted pixels are in my drawing.

My drawing is humor, it is caricature, it is an editorial cartoon about a subject quite a bit in our faces, whether we like it our not, these days: “The rich are different,” the very rich more so.  “Power [wealth, fame] tends to corrupt; absolute power [wealth, fame] corrupts absolutely.” Thank you, Lord Acton.

First I exaggerated some features I considered important; her butt and her gripping of the sheets, then  I cropped some of the room out.  I changed the tabloid headlines, that were displayed like an actress’s morning reviews, to the generic what-it-is-always-about anyway.

The lid on her head makes light of her role(s) in all this. Is it a toque, a helmet, or just a device to keep it all hot? She, of course, was the celebrity/entrepreneur/athlete  ‘snack’. But she is also the executive chef and the owner of the ‘restaurant.’ As well as she who delivers the–that symbol of the ever-romantic breakfast in bed– room-service tray. Therefore, it is she who takes both the tip and the charge.

As an artistic paradox, concerning sex and love, I changed the original a sexy lily-like,  flower, to the more romantic rose and relocated it to the particular patch of real estate that is obviously more sexual than romantic and is what it is truly all about.