Like Tattoos

Art is like tattoos you know
Ink on a pen.
An empty space to fill in.
Art is like tattoos you’ve known…
Underneath the skin

…your past re-suffered not recalled.
Art is like tattoos you can know.
Here is a shell for you
Inside you’ll hear a sigh

Here is an art for you
Inside you’ll see a past,
Reflected not recalled.

This is a drawing of a painting in a gallery, of a photoshop “drawing,” of a painting on an easel made, not from a live model but from yet another image on a TV or computer screen. Plus it’s on my blog so you are (or could be) seeing it on your computer screen. That’s four, maybe five steps back from the Real. Is it all reflection and no re-suffering; is it all safely Symbolic yet?

Does the observer remain trapped in his Image, between the object and the observed?  Am I he writing that; observing the observer as much as observing the object and the observed, observed; reflecting, recalling and re-suffering?

So what is with the pen and wine glass thing? Are they the cup and lance — sex symbols from the Tarot, grail literature  or my bit of the collective unconscious? Or could they be just personal recollections of drinking and drawing covertly re-suffered but overtly reflected upon?

Too many questions, I’ll stop for now.

Italics from “Blue” by Joni Mitchell