Le Club Humaine

A warning: This text is meaner than the drawing which seems to be showing a couple going to a club where they will have fun dancing, drinking, chatting each other up, and making plans for later. The couple in the background, leaving the club, seems to have reached a plan. Everybody seems happy. But…

A kitschy tavern sign looms as an ominous rebus. Those implied words are made zoomorphic epithets hurled when cautions are numbed. Each an insult wielded as weapons (club?) in the battle of the sexes, combatants retreating and attacking in indecisive skirmishes.

The male is called a pig by the female, what does that mean? A pig lives anywhere and eats anything. It will also get hairy and violent if left on its own. Are men like this? Perhaps. And are women like dogs? Aren’t dogs loyal, eager to please? Read “To Build a Fire” by Jack London before you answer.

Do men constantly have to be re-domesticated to stay clean and peaceful? Do women need increasing compensation to continue to be loyal and pleasant? I hope not. Hope it’s only the drink talking. Hope nobody remembers.