Crusty but benign

“I’m sad as hell and will continue to take it.”

So says the depressed resident of this apartment. The windows are “painted” shut. And even if he could do as Howard Beale (“Network” -1976) bellowed he do, nobody out there would be listening. Life is a blog — in cyberspace no one cares if you scream.

Think of this drawing as one of those illuminated medieval manuscripts where you can see several stages of the same event at once. If those crazy Pre-Raphaelites were true to their name they’d have done some of medieval stories they were telling this way instead of painting in their excruciating detailed early-renaissance manner. But I digress.

So think about this drawing being about Courtly Love – Courtly not Courtney- with the resident artist being the troubadour and his self-made representations of his ideal and unattainable beloved as: the woman in the window (1), the woman in the paintings (5), and she with her life (2-4) impossibly distant from his. She’s the la princesse lointain, the far-away princess, of that troubadour’s songs.

La Princesse Lointain, the object of desire is a necessary character in the medieval art form “romance” now corrupted into “chick-flick/lit.” Ironically the original was written from the male P.O.V. (or “-gaze”, but that’s another story, see Laura Mulvey, et al.) …

Plus: a) even before the woman became the object; the object was wisdom in the form of a grail, a shared glass of wine with a toast of great import – in vino veritas? b) Back then women were objects. When a man married, he married land and the woman was thrown in for good measure.

… But the male, here and now, is the one locked up in a tower not she.  The princess is the one who healthily interacts with the world one-on-one and self-to-self, not he. She‘s on a date with  his Jungian shadow — all he is not – personified, while he quests in private, drawing his grail as shared sacrament. But it’s more solitary than shared, more whine than wine because it is shared not with a princess, but with his so-called art.

I’ll let you all figure out what the leaky penis.