Little Oeddy or the Terrible Threes

This is one of 3 drawings I began thinking about back in Oct. The working title for the set was “Thrill Rides.” The other two are not even penciled yet, they exist only as word sketches in my journal. Back then, in this one, there was no dad with his foot having been run over by the stroller there was just the kid curious about the mom.
Anyway about the time I finished it I became a grandfather- 5:10 pm, Dec. 6, 2009 – mom and son are doing fine.

No, they are not gonna name the kid little “Oeddy” but that title is a play on the old Greek dramas/myth about Oedipus the king. He would have had a nickname as kid, right? Also I’m picking up on some Freudian stuff too.
In the dramas/myth Oeddy’s birth parents hear a prophesy that Oeddy will kill his dad and marry his mom. Unhappy with this, mom and dad abandon him to die. But he’s found by and raised by some local peasants.
He grows up and he hears the same prophesy. Not wanting it to come true he gets far away from the kind and good peasants who he thinks are his parents. He grows up arrogant and wealthy. And in an early road rage incident he kills some asshole who tried to run him down.
He grows up smart, too. He outwits a half babe/half monster and gets to be king of a nearby city which is actually his real home town. As the new king he gets to marry the widow of the former king who was recently killed in a road rage incident. See where this is going?
Sensing something is wrong here he goes and gets another prophesy and finds out wife is mom and the asshole he killed was dad. He can’t keep this a secret. So mom finds out and kills herself and he blinds himself. All their kids kill themselves too, I think, but that’s all in sequels I’ve not read or seen. The Greeks, they love their theater.
Move ahead 2 millennia, when Freud said all little boys wanna do mom and pop dad. He called that the Oedipus complex. Odd he should get that from this because little Oeddy did every thing he could not to do this. I think it was little Siggy who wanted to do his mom and pop his dad but didn’t wanna come out and say so.
Kids are curious about how they came to be and they run through some odd hypotheses as they gather data about self and other as they grow up. Whereas most kids forget their old theories when the come upon more realistic ones. Sophocles and Freud remembered theirs, then they wrote them down.
Back to the drawing. Little Oeddy here is a typical curious kid he’s using the mirror to investigate his origins. But this is well after the mirror phase of the neo-Freudian Lacan. Our boy here certainly knows he’s an entity quite separate from mom or dad. But he sorta remembers being one with mom and liking that better than the cold, cruel life he now has.
He has seen dad trying to be one with mom and that pisses him off, frustrates him as he can do nothing about it as dad is huge and he is small. Well not exactly nothing, he can run over his foot with the stroller. (Oedi-pus, swollen foot in old Greek, get it?) It’s a victory, a little victory in his little life.
Soon enough the cycle of life will overcome him and he’ll be a new dad after many false starts, with a new mom after several bad endings. If he’s lucky, that is. Good luck little Oeddy.