Ample Waves of Gain

I thought I could step back and make a drawing that wasn’t about “art, arbeit and amour.” You know what I’m talking about; a drawing about art about art, about coupling and connecting, about not getting any whatever any is. I succeeded a little; just try to find a “me” in this thing.


The machine is a combine; it’s a perfect symbol for America — see the built-in title and the flag. It’s a symbol for what’s right with this country: hard work, self-sufficiency, ingenuity etc.  But this one is also a symbol for what’s wrong; a combine requires two engines; one moving it along and the other harvesting as it does. The what’s wrong is the disconnect between the two. We, wage slaves, are absolute necessary, we are the 1st engine — if we stop pulling, the machine stops moving forward and soon there’s nothing here left to harvest, not that we’ll get any of it.

The second engine is the mutual admiration society of two; justice and the corporation. They’ve lost their attributes; she her blindfold, scale, robes and he his human face. The corporation often has a human face but lacks all humanity otherwise. It has as much possibility for kindness, empathy, creativity, altruism etc. as does a lizard, in spite of appearances. And what is justice without her symbols?  She’s a naked woman; she could be a goddess or a prostitute. The corporation tells us she’s the former but uses her as the latter.

Yes I know the 2nd engine can’t work. But isn’t your reality testing sufficiently suspended if you go along with the rest of the drawing that that’s only a baby step further?

Imagine the wage slaves dropping their ropes and moving on to some place where they would get some of the harvest for themselves. Would the happy couple fondle on; would their reciprocal engine dig a hole; would they, then, sink beneath those ample waves of gain?