“All others’ parties”


 “Parties and sex are the only places where you have to be someone else
for someone else.”  –Andy Warhol(?)


Those were the days. Friends coupled with ease. Or so it seemed from a distance. More battle than bargain was the love that grew from lust. And the difference between cheat and flirt is just where the line is drawn. So I draw some lines.


others2x1Summer of love or egoist [not] egotist

Is the smoke a drug reference or is it just a statement of the ephemeral nature of fantasy; fire of lust prodded and so on? And the two-dimensionality of the couple’s silhouette: art or shallowness?


The Middle Ages or dysthymic cuckold

Fire is domesticated, but their house is not a home, it’s a “Shoppe;” everything is for sale. Note the empty frame that joins the second couple, their couple-ness is an illusion like art and ephemeral as smoke.


Gotzen-dammerung or noir-voyant

The art now appears real. As real as a mass-produced copy of an unknown goddess by an anonymous sculptor can be, that is. And the couples seem more real, too, as cheat is becoming flirt.


Happy hour or cynical romantic (ret.)

The Win-Win Inn is hoppin’ even though there are no couples among the three women, three men and three tables for two. But there is finally real art–no smoke, frames, copies–even if it just the naughty bits drawn between bathroom breaks.


Two, three, four then five others becoming seen as the P.O.V. retires. This makes sense; stepping back one sees more, but touches less. Then there’s the label-less bottles and the yet-to-be-filled glasses? Is there something still unknown, unfelt?