More NYC drawings

In the suburban zoo where I live I’m the one on exhibit. I am the one watched.  In NYC, I’m the visitor to that zoo; I do the watching. These drawings are record of that.


Judgement of Paris/NYC

This is of three goddesses and their dog/men. Men are dogs, we can’t help it.  There are dogs in a pack, — a corporation, a team, whatever – some play well together, others don’t. The alpha female doesn’t seem to notice. The kept woman takes a break from keeping herself fit, plays with her expensive toy while her man/dog looks for a little professional relief on the side. The pro calmly does what she does just like the other two women/goddesses do what they do.

This is yet  another drawing exploring my constant theme of the interaction of an attractive woman, me, the observer/artist and another man, to whom the attractive woman is attracted. They are a couple, I am excluded so I  just watch and draw. But i am missing from  this NYC park scene. You see my paintings for sale, golden apples only, who’d buy such silliness? I can be elsewhere.

My repetitive paintings/drawings are Discord’s gesture recorded. She tossed a  golden apple  into a fancy party and left. maybe I’m with her, right!  On that apple was written “kallisti” which means “for the fairest” in Greek. Paris had to decide who got it. I think  three goddesses offered him power, wisdom and love to be called the fairest. He chose love. In NYC it’s different, the fair don’t need a Paris they just take power then unwisely declare it love. Golden apples are not needed either.


One with everything

Sorry about the old Buddha joke. The park scene above is not a real park. It’s kinda central park across from the Frick, Gainsborough’s park in the Frick and the park in Sloan’s “Summer Rain” all mixed together. Tom painted the very rich, there are lots of them in the city and john wandered around it and painted what he remembered. This is what I did, too. This food cart is a real one in front of St. Bart’s; I got a sausage sandwich there.

The couple is together here, enjoying a “romantic lunch.”  They are consuming art! He folds his and licks the narrow part, while she rolled hers up and bites its end. What would Freud say about this? What would he say about me crouched in the dark making another serving of art, drawing from life, or at least a reflection of it.