Aged whines


Titian painted ‘Ages of Man’ when he was about 30. He was already famous, maybe rich too. I’m about 60 and neither. May I live to 90 as he did. (kow) that’s knock on wood. I’ve always liked the painting but I’ve never see the original in Scotland. So its only a guess as to the size, frame and setting.

Also, as usual, I put me in my work. I am the old man looking at the evidence of his life, a pair of unfinished paintings subbed for Titian’s skulls. Unrealized art as opposed to long gone loves? The trees around me and in the original are yellow as in autumn. The foliage around the couples is springy and/or summery green. The house behind him needs repair, mine too,

ages-origThe youngest couple (left-most) is…, well, look at the original, could Titian not been thinking this way too? The middle couple, in the original, is naked and sleeping, my couple is naked and ‘sleeping together.’ His is a pair of fat babies and mine are middle-aged pair-bonders. His have ‘love’ watching over them; in mine it’s me who’s doing the watching. And recording, I’ve subbed a pen for the dead tree.

Outside the painting in a ‘painting’ is me again. Outsider art? Hardly, if anything I’ve had too much education. And where is the guard telling me that I can’t sit on the floor in the gallery? Outside, as well, is the third and oldest couple, my age and still together, I guess it happens sometime.

They have looked at the Titian and are moving on. Did they notice me? Doubt it, love is blind.